The easiest and most beautiful way to show your photography and design to the world.
GalleryPro was built by photographers FOR photographers – and it shows.
Take a look at what GalleryPro does for your photography.

Cut and Paste a few lines of code for your website or use our Plugin for WordPress!

Show Your Work Everywhere.

GalleryPro is simply the easiest and most beautiful way to show your photography, design or art on the web.

Imagine that it is easy to maintain, easy to customize, easy to sort and easy to implement.

Imagine Drag n Drop images sorting, full social media implementation per image, no limit to image size and the ability to put the galleries on as many sites as you wish.

Imagine that you can choose to put it on your website with a tiny snippet of code, or simply install it in your WordPress site with a Plugin.

Imagine that it is “Responsive” – that it will resize and reconfigure when displayed on smart phones or pad devices to show the work to its best advantage.

Imagine that you don’t have to learn how to make webpages or learn any coding… just cut and paste a few lines where you want it to be.

With GalleryPro, you get all of that – AND – you control your galleries across multiple sites from one single place.

Simply Log In to your GalleryPro Account:

  • Create Gallery Categories
  • Customize the Colors
  • Add/Modify/Delete ┬áimages
  • Test your Gallery
  • Copy a few lines of code for easy integration into any website.
  • Use the code in on your Website, Blog, Facebook Welcome Page or wherever you want to show your portfolio
  • WordPress User? No problem, simply download the GalleryPro Plugin for easy insertion into your web or blog
  • All this flexibility without having to know any code or html
  • Easy and fast maintenance of your portfolio across multiple sites

Our simple pricing plans make it easy for photographers, illustrators, and designers to create very professional portfolios without having to know a single line of code. And then put that portfolio on as many websites, blogs and social media sites as they would like.


Maintain Your Galleries

After logging in to your GalleryPro account, you simply create your galleries and name them. Then sort your images into the flow that you like. A single click of the “Publish” button and the gallery is now updated… to all of your Websites, Blogs and Social Media sites. Easy.

And beautiful.

You have more control as you update your galleries as well.

Choose the grid style you like.

Set the smallest and largest thumbnail size you would want to show. Remember that the gallery will resize as it is shown on smaller devices like iPads, iPhones and Android.


You can choose to enable an image resize slider that lets your viewers set the size of the galleries themselves. This is a nice feature that gives some control to your clients. You can even choose to disable it only on the mobile version of your site if that is what you would like.


You can even disable the History function of the gallery – across all presentations or only mobile.

When a visitor clicks on an image the most appropriate image size is chosen for their screen and displayed as large as possible. From there, they can easily navigate through your portfolio with a simple scroll of the mouse wheel or with a finger swipe!

And there are more features coming. As they are implemented, your account will be updated automatically. All features will be optional and we will never compromise your security.

See GalleryPro in use at Essentials for Photographers.
See GalleryPro in use at Scott Forman Photography.

Here is an example of the gallery installed on a webpage. Note, this is not styled yet. You can style using CSS.


What’s NEW!

The NEW stuff we are doing with GalleryPro.

We have added the Facebook LIKE button, the G+ button and the Twitter button to your images. Now they are more social, and let’s you keep your viewers and clients aware of the new work you show.

The use of the social media is totally up to you, so if it is not what you want, simply leave it off.

Let us know what you want to see on your GalleryPro.


Why GalleryPro?

Hi – it’s us, Scott and Don. We thought we would share some of the reasons we built this GalleryPro tool, what we want to do with it and where we see it fitting in for photographers.

From Scott Forman

When I first went to create my website I looked for image galleries but couldn’t find anything that was truly user friendly. So, in designing the precursor to GalleryPro I based a lot of it on how Lightroom’s grid view works. The major issue with most online galleries is that you either see a couple medium sizes images at once and you have to scroll, or you see some tiny thumbnails and you have to click to see them larger. In either case, you typically have to go through many pages to view a photographer’s work.

This is cumbersome. If they have a lot of work, even if you like it, after a while of viewing image after image you begin to wonder when the end is. You want to see them all, but you don’t want to spend another 20+ minutes going through them. But, what if the next page is the last — you don’t want to stop if you’re almost through!

So, I wanted the thumbnail view to be capable of giving a person an immediate opinion on my work. I wanted them to be able to quickly know if they like my work or not and if they want to spent more time on my site. On a user’s first visit the thumbnails will autosize to their screen size to show them most appropriately. The user can make them larger or smaller to view them with more detail or to view more at once. Both makes it fast for them to know if they like my style. If they do, they can click an image to view it full-screen (not a small 1024px image like most galleries) and they can easily scroll from image to image without having to go back to the grid. Additionally, it’s fast and doesn’t have frilly animation that just slows down the experience.

What I think makes GalleryPro so much better than any other gallery out there is that it is geared toward letting the visitor quickly know if they like your work. The aim is to allow them to see enough of your work to immediately know if they like it. Other galleries fail in that they make it difficult for a person to easily see your work as a whole, to see it large and with high-detail, and especially to share a particular image that someone likes. The Internet is all about sharing now, and that should be very easy to do.

Most photographer sites that I visit make it very difficult to share their work. I’ll never send a friend a website and say “3rd gallery, 5th page, 7th image from the left”. So, GalleryPro is all about making it easy for the visitor.

These are the main feature bullet points that I think are most important:

  • Works on Desktop, Mobile, Tablets equally and automatically optimizes itself for the varying screen sizes.
  • Your visitor can see your entire body of work at once as thumbnails and can choose to resize the thumbnails on the fly which allows them to very quickly decide if your body of work fits their needs.
  • Full-size images can be displayed at the visitor’s full screen size automatically.
  • Images can be quickly navigated in full-screen view by clicking, arrow buttons, mouse scroll-wheel, or swiping (mobile)
  • Your visitor can ‘Like’, G+, or Tweet a direct link to any picture they view.
  • Your visitor can copy a URL directly to a specific gallery or image — great for sending a link to an image straight to an Art Director.

The control panel is drag and drop and incredibly easy to use.
You can modify and preview your gallery then publish it immediately to your live site.

From Don Giannatti

The world of social media has set all forms of communication on its ear. We have new ways of communicating with each other that were never dreamed of only a decade or two before us. Imagine what we take for granted: Taking a video of the kids on our phone, pushing a button and publishing that video to a website, social media sharing site and our own archives. From ‘start video’ to having the world see the kids… about a minute.

Although there are more ways to communicate, people still choose their favorites. Some people tweet and blog, others Facebook, and still others tweet and Facebook. Or Posterous. Or Blogger. Or Tumblr, Pinterest and more.

That’s cool. But if you are a visual artist, you want to get your work in front of as many potential clients as possible. That means maintaining several websites and online galleries.

And that is simply a lot of work.

My goal was to create a simple, easy to manage gallery tool that would allow photographers to create a single point of management. Having it ‘in the cloud’ means access from anywhere. Having it be easy to install means everyone can take advantage of it.

And making it simple to use means there is no barrier to implementation. WordPress users simply download a plugin. Website owners cut and paste a few lines of code.

Then forget about it.

Everything is then managed by a single portal. From anywhere.

– –

And the consistent look and feel of the portfolio galleries remains cohesive. The brand is maintained as well as the images.

We are glad you took a few moments to read about GalleryPro… now go sign up for it and use it. We even have a free version so everyone can experience the power of GalleryPro.


Demonstration Video


The GalleryPro Solution

We have affordable and easy to implement solutions for artists at any point in their career.

  • Gold: $160/yr or $16/mo — Up to 25 Galleries, 1000 image limit
  • Silver: $80/yr or $8/mo — Up to 10 Galleries, 500 image limit
  • Bronze: $50/yr or $5/mo — Up to 6 Galleries, 250 image limit
  • FREE — 3 categories, 24 image limit

We are very happy to launch GalleryPro for the professional artists and photographers who need a solution to managing their galleries.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know here.